Vinyl records : life has surface noise

I want you to embark, dear reader, on the journey I always take when I dedicate precious time to enjoy music. It is a journey through time, with a lot of affective memory, full of sounds and other sensations. The ritual of sitting on a sofa, picking up an LP, smelling the vinyl and putting it under the needle to play has always been something divine for me. It is not just about music, but also a moment of enlightment.

It is good to feel the energy of the moment, like a moment of meditation. I know that more modern equipment and media have already been invented, I also know that streaming dominates the music market. I even use Spotify daily because it is a practical way of listening to music on the street or during work. But, sitting back and enjoying good music relaxed sitting in a comfortable armchair focused on the sound coming out of the speakers is another level. Focusing our perception on the music around without any other interference is quite different from walking concerned with crossing the street or avoiding pedestrians on the sidewalk.

What is your favorite album? When did you hear this entire album from beginning to end as if you were reading a book or watching a movie eating popcorn and paying full attention to the sound and images? I recommend to anyone who has never tried to enjoy music on analog media to do it soon, it is a very pleasant experience. Dedicating all your attention exclusively to the sound that enters your ears, passes through your body and illuminates your soul is something that every human being should do. It is not necessary for you to use high-fidelity sound equipment to enjoy the sound of vinyl, just concentrate and connect with the sound that surrounds you. The sound with some surface noise is part of the ritual, it reminds us that we must be aware of all the sounds that come up, something that the CD and streaming apps do not do.

Whenever I perform this ritual, the affective memory of adolescence comes. That 14 year old boy who bought Van Halen’s “5150” album in 1986, right after going crazy listening to “Why Can’t This Be Love” on the radio reappears in me. I had long hair, a lot of energy and a head full of dreams. It is always good to rescue that feeling. I was learning to play the guitar and had to tune the instrument according to each vinyl I listened to (analog recording had these things). It was a challenge, but, you know what? All of this was very important for my evolution as a musician and as a human being.

I remember that, in 1988, I heard “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Iron Maiden playing on the radio and I almost couldn’t believe it when I noticed that my favorite Heavy Metal band had done something very close to Pop to conquer space on the radio. The consequence of this was, once again, to run to the record store and buy the album “Somewhere In Time”.

Buying an LP was also a pleasure. I already arrived at the store knowing what I wanted to buy, but checking the new releases and behold the beauty of the LP sleeves was part of the pleasant program that sometimes took hours. You see, I went into the store to buy just one LP, but I had a nice trip in the middle of the process.

Publicado por Oswaldo Marques

Moro em Belo Horizonte, MG , sou um músico que curte trocar idéias e questionar sobre tudo que acontece no mundo da música.

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