The importance of John Mayer for Blues, Pop and the music industry as a whole

Influenced by David Mathews in his singing and Jimmy Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan in his guitar playing, John Mayer is the only singer / songwriter to appear on the current Top 40 charts with a guitar. Since the appearance of Lenny Kravitz, who mixes Soul, Funk and Rock ( influenced by Prince), we haven’t seen a protagonist playing the guitar in such a representative way. This is very important for guitar culture, as today, as stores and major manufacturers (like Gibson, recently), they are recovering from a dizzying sale of guitars and accessories for them. We know that most guitars sold around the world are models for beginners and the fact that there is someone charismatic like John Mayer in the mainstream makes teenagers want to learn how to play the guitar.

John records his songs in the radio format (songs of up to four minutes in length, a strategy used by radio stations), but in his shows he lets his band run free solos and improvisations, rescuing the tradition of the Blues. The audience loves this true celebration of good music at John Mayer shows.

John Mayer is a handheld hitmaker. Just to cite an example, “Gravity”, one of his greatest hits, was used by American astronauts as music to wake up in 2007 while on a mission. The music is a Blues that was born while Mayer were having a bath and thinking about life.

The current phonographic market is dominated by artists who use electronic resources in their music, leaving organic instruments such as guitars, bass and even drums in the background. Here in Brazil, for example, Rock had its maximum cycle in the 80’s, when bands frequented the main television media and played on the radio. With the advent of Computer Music and the Internet, everything changed. Today, people do not need to know how to play a musical instrument to create music.

Currently, many people complain about the lack of music made organically as Rock, Blues and other genres in the mainstream media. This is a worldwide phenomenon. We musicians are concerned with the direction that the music industry is taking as this reflects directly on our professional routine. The more artists like John Mayer show up, the more musical instruments are sold and the more people enroll in music schools and online courses to get them playing an instrument.

Publicado por Oswaldo Marques

Moro em Belo Horizonte, MG , sou um músico que curte trocar idéias e questionar sobre tudo que acontece no mundo da música.

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