The Necessary Renewal of Rock Guitar

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News on September 23, Pete Townshend stated: “Guitar-based Rock and Roll is losing ground, not Rock and Roll itself. Hip Hop is Rock to my ears. ”He also said that the “virtuouse” young guitarists from YouTube and Instagram are proof that the guitar’s possibilities are exhausted. Listening to such statements by an iconic rock guitarist is worrying. Pete has been enchanting the world since the 60s with his guitar full of attitude. To say that Rock with guitars is going to disappear is at least strange for someone who keeps composing and earning money as a guitar player. With all respect to Pete, I will speak in defense of Rock with guitars and brillant guitarists who are appearing full of “blood in the eyes” and joy in the heart.

The fact that young guitarists such as Plini, Arielle, Alyona Vargasova, among others, are emerging, means a necessary and welcome renewal in the guitar environment. The crowd has created incredible news that are giving a breath to the instrument industry. It is notable the appearance of girls gently touching the six strings and encouraging fans to learn to play the guitar. I have read several articles saying that women are saving the guitar. I hope so, seeing girls playing and forming bands is fantastic. A recent survey shows that 45% of guitars currently sold are for beginners and that half of them are for female consumers. A brief search on Youtube results in several videos of girls playing with charm and refined technique. They are not kidding, they are developing new techniques and showing other girls the beauty and sexy appeal of playing the instrument. We know that Rap and Hip Hop culture in general dominate the current mainstream. This is normal, part of the cyclical dynamics of show business. Young guitarists, on the other hand, are part of an important market niche that must be nurtured in order to keep growing. Renovation is important to keep the guitar industry alive. The guitar is the symbol of Rock that transforms teenage energy into music, nothing more encouraging than seeing the renewal appear on social networks like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. I hope that this new crop of guitarists will multiply geometrically in the teen universe. This is a trend that I like to see growing: kids developing new ways to play the guitar. Many guitar heroes are dying or retiring, so, this renewal is welcome to the guitar culture.

Publicado por Oswaldo Marques

Moro em Belo Horizonte, MG , sou um músico que curte trocar idéias e questionar sobre tudo que acontece no mundo da música.

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