Two Fantastic Videos About The Power Of Music as a Language

As a musician, I always look for inspiration from people who really add something. I think it’s important to evolve every day. It gives me a feeling of completeness. Youtube is an inexhaustible source of videos that illustrate good ideas. I took two videos that anyone can understand, whether you are a music scholar or not. In fact, music is a universal language and the two videos below, in addition to other things, talk about the universality of music and its power of communication between human beings

Music as Language – In this video, the virtuoso bass player Victor Wooten recounts his evolutionary process as a musician and human being and uses the premise that when the child is playing an instrument, he or she is already studying music. He even makes an analogy between speech learning and musical learning.

The Power of the Pentatonic Scale– Singer-songwriter Bobby McFerrin shows that we all unconsciously know the pentatonic scale. It is impressive how he demonstrates this. Never heard of a pentatonic scale? It doesn’t matter, you will be impacted in the same way.

Publicado por Oswaldo Marques

Moro em Belo Horizonte, MG , sou um músico que curte trocar idéias e questionar sobre tudo que acontece no mundo da música.

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