The Magic Sound of The Guitar Pedals

Fun and collectible like toy cars, guitar pedals are the joy of guitarists. The girls also love turning the buttons and playing with the sound that colorful cans make. It is something playful: turning the pot and listening to the sound that comes out. This is playing the guitar: having fun with the sounds produced, tingling the strings with your fingers and expressing yourself. The cool thing is that, if you are good at this pleasant game, you can still be paid to continue buying guitars and pedals. If you are lucky enough to grab attention  from a manufacturer, you can win instruments and travel at the manufacturer’s expense to show others how these magnificent toys work.

When we start playing in the bedroom, the relationship with the music is always fun, we have fun playing together with the bands we enjoy. The musicians in this band are our first music teachers. Suddenly, we decided to start studying seriously, whether to become professionals or just as a hobby, we entered a magical self-knowledge process: everything starts to make sense, music becomes our north, the main motivation in our lives. The world changes from the moment the act of playing the guitar becomes our therapy and form of expression. When we enter an instrument store, it’s like entering Disneyland: pedals, cables, reeds, amplifiers, guitars, all together in a paradisiacal place. Shapes, colors and sounds jump into our eyes and ears, ready to enchant us. We need so little to be happy: a guitar, colorful pedals and an amplifier. The rest becomes secondary in our lives. The magic is to sit on the bed, turn on the sound and go out playing together. This takes us to other dimensions and makes us forget the daily rush in which we live, whether in adolescence or in adult life. We are traveling and levitating on stage with the band we love and this moment is sacred. Nothing can interrupt us, because we are in communion with the eternal and divine sound of Rock and Roll, this rhythm that shakes all our molecules, the feeling takes over our body and we transfer the electricity that we feel to our fingers that touch the steel strings .

Publicado por Oswaldo Marques

Moro em Belo Horizonte, MG , sou um músico que curte trocar idéias e questionar sobre tudo que acontece no mundo da música.

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